Learn about the 10 most important announcements in Google I / O – 2018


Google has just announced its 2018 Google I / O 2018 with a lot of new news on 8th May. You may remember before I held this, I talked about what I can expect from Google I / O. Let’s see what this time Google has just announced. Google’s CEO or CEO Sundar Pichai says we have to be responsible for the things we create in the tech industry and be responsible for the results. From there, we started offering a lot of new things. We also heard about the latest Android update, the new voices of Google Assistant, and Gmail, which is totally capable of writing emails alone. Much of the I / O this time was based on AI or artificial intelligence.

Android P

In short, we have introduced a new dashboard instead of the three buttons in the navigation bar that we have used so far. And the whole operating system has a lot of focus on the look. They have added a lot of small changes and made us feel comfortable. Remember there was a rumor that the iPhone X’s gestures would be coming to Android, and it was with this Android P.If you take the dashboard I mentioned earlier, we can see how we use our phones. This means information about which apps are most used, how often you use them, how many times you have unlocked your phone and how many notifications have been sent. And we can give you a time limit to use from app to app. Android P is still in beta testing mode. The stable will be released between June and August.

New Google Assistant voices

Google Assistant has six new voices added. All of them are designed to feel natural, or natural. And Google has said that the voice of famous singer John Legend will also be included.

google assistant


Google Duplex

If you checked the keynote in Google I / O, you probably already know what this Google Duplex is. This Google duplex is simply Google’s new ability to talk and understand Google Duplex. You can see the video below given below. Further, you can see that artificial intelligence can speak exactly the way we normally do when talking to a robotic voice.

Smart Displays with Google Assistant

Google has also announced these Smart Displays. It’s not just about smart displays, it’s about smart displays that Google Assistant has integrated.

They are also planning to release the Google Assistant Smart Displays to the market this July.

smart displays with google assistant


Gmail can now draft an email for you

Remember we talked about this Smart Reply in Gmail’s new look article. This smart reply in Gmail is just another leap forward, using artificial intelligence (AI) to add suggestions or suggestions to the text that you type. Smart Compose feature can also draft an email for you. This feature will be added to Gmail in the next few weeks.

Google Maps is becoming more social

Google Maps service has been improved to include a tab called For You. This will show you the popular restaurants and businesses that are relevant to your area, as well as others nearby. In addition, you can get real-time feedback from those friends when you choose a location.

social media


Augmented Reality and Directions

Google Maps can now use AR to show you exactly where you want to go. That means all you have to do is look at your phone’s camera and go to that location. They use the data on Google Street View.

Google Photos and Editor

Many of you may already be using Google Photos. And its editor is pretty good. Now the editor has improved. This editor can now identify the subject from the background or the part we are trying to highlight from the photo. It can also save the block and make the background black-and-white. You don’t have to go to the studio anymore and these Google Photos can even color your old black-and-white photos. Both of these features work in conjunction with AI.Google Photos can also adjust the brightness of a photo while you view the photos.

google cloud


Google News

Google News is pre-installed on our phone but very rarely is someone using it. But now Google is getting ready to improve it, using AI to add news across the web and make them storylines. That means articles, images, videos can all be viewed in one place.

Google Lens

Google Lens lets you select a text in the real world from your phone. This means that when you scan a text somewhere on your phone with your camera, select the text from the preview that shows it. This allows you to copy and choose something without having to manually type something like a Wi-Fi password written somewhere. And suppose you go to a store to buy some fashionable things. Google Lens can help you search and find information online. That’s exactly what you talked about this time on Google I / O. And in addition to the main ones we just mentioned, there are many more things to offer. If you want to know more about these things you can Google Google I / O 2018.


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