Adobe, or the name Macromedia Shockwave Player, is already very familiar a few years ago, but you probably know that the Internet is often unseen. What is this Macromedia Shockwave Player?

Adobe Flash Player (formerly Mac Media Player is a multimedia platform for interactive multimedia applications and video games, and the developers use the Adobe directing content to publish the content on the Internet.) Shockwire posted on any computer on a pc-installed computer on such a web site can be used and M a c roamed first Rambha be. Mækromi?iya by the 1995 Shaw c Contribution player was released. In 2005, Schickel acquired the Adobe Systems. Shackweaving Rising Graphic, Basic Vector Graphics, 3rd Graphix, Audio and Lingo, a script.

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Shock Weaver was a CRE-OM OM Projector, Kyushu Submissions and the general model for interactive video games. In 1990, interactive multimedia was won. [5] Various development and sports development activities were developed in 1990. Ų “Ų” Ų, Ų, Various adventure sports, such as the Moussou Ngong Adventure, the MUAz Sc En CW Adventure and the Midi & Power Series series, have been developed and hundreds of free online video game video games have been developed using Shoemakers. Publish them on web sites such as Mini L and Cons.

In the month of February Flash Player Flash Player Limited, “Flash Player” Desktop browser “Mastic Market” (ie, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) 99% 41% [6] Adobe in 2008 FlashBack and Adobe Acrobat (alternate options for alternate systems, its 3-wifi broadcast capability, target language and multiple platforms for an object.

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In 2017, the content was stopped by the Editor’s Toolkit on February 1, but the following month officially stopped the agent for M a COS. In February 2019, Adobe announced that Shaklee Player was not officially received on April 9, 2019, but was not officially licensed.

This Shockwave Player was originally launched by Macromedia in 1995, and this plugin has become a must-have been used to run small games and multimedia applications that can be used online.

After Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005, it was Adobe Shockwave, Adobe in 2017, the Adobe Direct Software application for Shockwave, and Shockwave Player for Marcos.

However, Adobe has provided official support and updates for Windows to the Shockwave player, but it has been decided to stop it from April 9, 2019, and remove the Shockwave player from that date.

In addition, they are also preparing to suspend the next Adobe Flash Player in next year.


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