How To Change Android Launchers Into Dark Mode


When using the phone at night, the white on the screen can be a little uncomfortable. Many manufacturers offer filters on the screen, but using black-backed apps is an even better solution. If your phone has a LED display screen, it can save you battery life.

01. Nova Launcher

nova launcher

 The popular Nova Launcher, which has a rating of 4.6 on the Play Store, brings free Dark Mode. When installed, it is white but can be changed from the settings. You can access it by going to Nova Settings and selecting Night Mode. Among the options is Auto, which automatically turns on the black at night, and Custom can give the color to only a part of us (Search bar, App drawer, etc.). Go to Settings → Look & Feel → Dark Icons and get the black icons from the Notification bar.

Other than this; It has a number of features, including icon modification, color change, speed, and backup or restores settings.

02. Microsoft Launcher

Formerly known as Arrow Launcher, this is an app developed by Microsoft. They have left the operating system and are now working on providing services like Cortana to Android. Microsoft Launcher, which comes as part of this, helps us to build relationships between our phones and Windows. It has the ability to set Dark Mode to its settings. Unfortunately, it only blacks out a small part of Search, Feed, and Widgets. App Drawer does not change.

If you are already using this, then go to Settings → Personalization → Theme and select Dark in the Dark mode. The Accent color can also be customized.


03. POCO Launcher

Xiao has also introduced a Launcher that can be used for other Poco phones. It’s interesting with its speed and lightness. There is also a Dark Mode which brings the gesture of the App Drawer to Swipe Up even on older phones. With a simple look and a search to search for apps, you can hide apps via Fingerprint (Sensor phones, others with password or pattern).

From the three-striped icon at the top right of the App Drawer, go to Settings and enter Dark in the background of the Drawer. It costs 15 megabytes to download.

poco launcher

04. Lawnchair Launcher

lawnchair launcher

At least 3 megabytes, this is something that even a phone with a lack of storage can try. This is a simple Launcher that brings the UI experience of Pixel phones. An open-source software, you can view the code yourself on GitHub. It is free software with the contribution of software developers around the world. So a Pro version won’t be built. You can enjoy everything for free. Lawn Chair has Dark mode. Go to Settings Themes and choose Dark under Theme. Settings, App Drawer, Folders, etc. all add to the black background. Or we can set the black color to only the parts we want. In addition, it can detect the theme color of the wallpaper and use it.


05. Rootless Launcher

Unlike the aforementioned Lawnchair launcher, this can also be found on GitHub as open-source software. Free software is also available so you can change it and customize it if you want. The Pixel experience, while simple, is the epitome of lightness with a size of 1.6 megabytes. It also has a dark mode, but almost black. Other surprising features, though, are the Pixel UI features, including the search bar, the bottom of the search bar, icon packs, and the ability to change the shape of the icon if you own Android 8.0.


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