200 Employees of the Apple Autonomous Car Unit are Being Removed


It is now known that they have removed more than 200 employees from project Tina, or an automated self – propelled vehicle.

At the end of last July, the number of employees who worked at the project was over 5000 and more than 200 people have already been deployed for other projects of the company, by the CNBC website.

Commenting on the change, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has said that the project is designed not simply as a stealth car, but also as an autonomous system.

In this way, it is possible to assume that this system is remodeled to produce not only a car but also a kind of system capable of installing any type of vehicle.

apple car

However, Apple did not provide the media with the exact content of the Titan project, but it is already reported that Apple is now collaborating with the famous carmaker Volkswagen.

Last year, Tesla’s chief engineer, Doug Field, was recruited to the Titan project, and as a result, we believe that this restructuring could have been undertaken.

Since Apple begins its self-driving division, the customer AI space has exploded through the rise of digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and devices like Amazon’s Echo. Apple’s own digital assistant, Siri, had a head begin when it launched on the iPhone 4S back in 2011 but has not kept up with the contest.

It may already be rewarded off. Late last year, a study from Munster’s company, Loup Ventures, showed Siri vastly improved its ability to rightly answer a series of 800 questions. The Loup study said Siri answered 74.6 percent of the questions rightly, up 22 percentage points from just nine months untimely. By comparison, Google Assistant answered 87.9 percent of the questions rightly. Also, Alexa got 72.5 percent of the questions correctly.

apple autonomus car

Apple takes a firm stand against data collection and raises concerns about the user’s privacy as the reason for its purchase. Last year, in a speech in Brussels, privately – accustomed companies such as Cookie Google were named personal privacy practices. Earlier this month, CES has posted a huge advertisement on the loss of its privacy in Las Vegas.

Apple’s automated automotive project began with Titan, an Apple-branded car with the desire to create an electric car, and the Wall Street Journal reported in 2015. But over the past few years, Apple has reduced it’s hope and lost other leaders in the process, other employees. At present, the unit is mostly searching for underwater technology, which makes self-employed cars. Tim Cook, the CEO, has been named a self-propelled mother by all AI projects.


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