Apple Announces Its Upcoming Event on March 25 2019


Apple has announced that it will hold its next event on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater.

Their theme, or Tagline, is for this event, “It’s showtime.” And GIF image is designed to display a countdown.

Accordingly, many will announce that Apple will release subscriptions such as TV and movie service and subscriptions like Apple News Magazine during the event.

Apple News Magazines

Last year, Apple purchased digital magazines around the clock. Apple is working with publishers and magazines and newspaper publishers to help preserve the content for the Apple News App, and 9to5Mac Apple’s news magazines and more.

Nevertheless, magazine publishers have been reported more than the distribution of news from newspapers. Hence, there is still a big question about what is being published in Apple’s publications. We still do not know how Apple bought the paid copy.

The company has designed a new Apollo news product that contributes to the major news outlets in each of its monthly plans. The production of the Apple News Product is based on Texture based on the “Netflix Magazine”, which was purchased by Apple in 2018.

Apple TV & Movies

apple tv

News and Magazines Nearly half of Apple’s main rollout measures are expected for new services. Apple has built a new, original video business since June 2017.

Apple’s Oprah content includes the creation of creative television shows with talents, including Jennifer Aniston and Rice Victors. Steve Carell, Aaron Paw, JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg and many other Hollywood fans. Simply put, this is not the second section of the application section.

Apple has planned to make contributions to other video services via the television. This step will work just like the Amazon Channel feature. Visitors can contribute to Apple’s original content of video services and/or HBO or other Premium Video Channels with their subscription-based carrier services. Apple, in fact, will keep up with the revenue from the transactions.

We are still not aware of Apple’s newsletters, what Apple expects of marketing and positioning video services on Apple’s.

Apple also plans to introduce a new streaming service, which will allow Apollo IPS and iPad owners to have free original copies of Steps and Shuttle and other-other streaming services. It is expected to start in April or May, but will not include Netflix or Hulu.

apple news

Apple has been around for about a year since its launch. The iPad Pro was refreshed in October, but Apple has regularly updated the low-cost iPad $ 329 iPad since last March. On Tuesday, Apple announced Tuesday that it will announce a new iPad 10.2 inches instead of a 9.7-inch iPad instead of a 9.1-inch iPad, according to the FF Securities report of TF Securities. During that time, Apple seems to be fit to do it. It can use the new iPad for how to use their videos and news services.



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