Best Android Apps That You Can Download in June 2019


As usual, out of the ten thousand apps that are added to the Play Store every day, we have selected some of the best apps for you this month.

Listen to the songs Omnia


The player that comes with the phone comes with traditional features, so you can’t make much use of it. Some songs are too loud – and others are too loud. So you have to create a volume during a play. Other songs have silence on the other end of the song, so the next one is a long way to go. When you close your eyes and listen to music for free, you will see a long silence. Omnia solves all these problems. It can bring all the songs into one volume and bridge the gap between the songs.

It has excellent sound output, 10 bands equalizer, a timer, voice commands, and Chromecast support to make Sleep Auto-stop while you sleep. Best of all, there are no ads here. And with all this, the Omnia app is as small as 5 megabytes.


Battery Notch for those with Notch


If you have a Notch on your phone, this app will allow you to use it in addition to the camera. This shows the size of the battery by painting around the notch. You can use the Notch bar to save the battery space on the Notification bar.

One of the specialties of the phone is that it can be customized to fit the phone and display it correctly even when the phone is diverted. So even if you have an S10 with a hole in the middle of the screen, a big notch with a large bar at the top of the phone, or a small notch like the Tear-drop, this app can be customized to make it smaller. Only 3.1 megabytes is going to be downloaded.

Easy DND to stop calling while playing

easy dnd

When aiming for a shot while playing PUBG, you can use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone if you get tired of a phone call. But with the ease of finding it every time from the settings, the complexity of it makes things difficult to understand, so the Easy DND app can avoid those problems.

The large size of buttons is easy to use and understand, making it easy to customize phone calls, blocking or messaging only, turning off alarms, touch, and other sounds. You can also set up calls/messages from people who need them.

Skit to control and share apps


The skit can fill that gap if you feel the lack of support in the App Manager available with Android. With more details including how much memory is used, the date when an app was installed, the last updated date, and how much permissions they have to use our data.

There are two tabs here, one that is very simple and easy to use. From the User Numbers tab, we show you the apps we installed, the phone system and

the bloatware we received and the apps that are related to the OS. One of the highlights of this is the ability to share apps (or .apk files) with friends. This will save them the data they need to download the same app. Also, it is advisable to back up the APK files to avoid the risk of having to pay for some apps at first and then update.

skit apk


Download Navi

If you stop downloading software from your computer like IDM, FDM, you can start all over again. But when downloading something from a browser on your phone, up to 98% of downloads fail. Download Navi app helps you download these files faster. This is free and open-source software (FOSS) so you can check the code yourself from GitHub. As such, it does not tend to steal our data like other apps.

It features an eye-catching UI, a dark theme, the ability to pause/resume downloads, download single file segments, download multiple files at a time, and set it to download only on WiFi. When you download from the browser you have to copy the link and add it to this app. The smallest size is just 4.3 megabytes, but it does have a lot of features.


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