540 million Facebook accounts found on an unsecured Amazon server


Usually, if a service needs to be stored in a particular password, we will encrypt the password and save only the hash code. This means that even if the database is attacked by hackers, the hackers will only see the above-encrypted hash, which contains various letters, numbers, and symbols, thereby blocking the actual password. However, Facebook has reportedly been able to secure the password of more than 20,000 Facebook employees, since millions of users have stored it in the same way without encrypting their users’ password.


However, Facebook claims that these password-protected files are not reported by their employees and are not accessible to outsiders.”We have taken steps to address this issue. We are taking steps to educate more than 600 million Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram users.”In addition, Facebook urges Facebook and Instagram users to change their password or use a two-factor authentication mechanism if they use their Facebook or Instagram passwords for other services.

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Facebook has also announced that they will do their best to prevent similar incidents in the future. Facebook users seem to have time to think twice about the security of their accounts.

More than half a billion Facebook accounts were found on an insecure Amazon server last night. The data was discovered while being placed on an Amazon server by software developers who create third-party software for Facebook. This information was uncovered by a cybersecurity firm known as UpGuard, and one database was discovered by Mexican company Cultura Colectiva and another by third-party software called At the Pool.

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The two databases contain about 146 GB of data and the most important data and passwords, such as comments, likes, reactions, account names, Facebook user IDs of each user, were stored in this database without following any security measures. The passwords included here are not Facebook Passwords but they are said to be Password used for the respective app. However, in this type of app, users can assign the Facebook password to the same app, assuming that there is a danger. However, this is not the first reported case in which third-party software has provided information on Facebook accounts to other parties.

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Facebook has simply lost over $60 billion in market price over the past 2 days—that’s over Tesla’s entire capitalization and virtually 3 times that of Snapchat. Facebook shares plunge over revelations that non-public information of fifty million users was obtained and used by British data analytics firm ‘Cambridge Analytica,’ UN agency reportedly helped Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidency in 2016.


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