At the same time, like the Dark Mode, this is a frustration for software developers to add something like everyone we use. Facebook Messenger, Vibe, and so on. Now, Microsoft has been working with Dark Mode for its Mail app.

So now you can use the dark mode of the Mail app with Windows 10. This update will allow you to easily switch between the light color background and Dark mode. When the dark mode is enabled, some emails may be detected.

Similarly, this dark mode can be compared to the Dark Mode that was introduced in July to Microsoft Outlook in July.

messenger dark mode

So if you can try this latest Dark Mode feature, you will now have the opportunity to update your Microsoft App to upgrade your Microsoft App and experience this feature.

In its introduction to Microsoft introduces a more complete version of Windows Vista, an application with an updated folder of the moderator will be shown in an Email instead of the black-tab before the Email. Switch between email switch and light-weight backgrounds to switch Microsoft to switch. Makes some email contents a file.

activate dark mode in messenger

Switch and the completely dim mode was introduced in the same way as Microsoft Duluth, but Microsoft Outlook. C In July, dark format was introduced, and the Windows 10 Mail app often matched it. Microsoft Mail in Windows 10 and the C Al lender app still have the calendar and it’s always supported with full-color mode. You can get the latest from the M-c at the Roche ft store at the latest W app for Windows 10.

facebook messenger dark mode

Dir Theme is clearly the next big thing in the software and Microsoft did not have this software because of this. After creating this, it started working with visual faces for pre-installed applications in Microsoft operating systems.

Naturally, this application should be an M-app app between the first mail to get this app, and luckily, Microsoft’s commitment to do this is very fast. However, the David Digital Program has developed, it was released for the first time, long before it was released. But once again complained it is partially black and the main theme is not the only one that is covered only with parts of the interface.

At the dawn of the week, Microsoft launched the dark theme, and after checking it today, the mail application now provides a truly refined experience in darkness, as it anticipates and feels as it anticipates. Everywhere in your home, all of the black visual modes use. The new mail screen has been updated to use the new mode.

how to enable dark mode

As we have not announced for a long time, instantly change the curve in the mail interface that allows users to easily switch between the dark themes between Microsoft and Light. However, this icon does not change the interface of the mail application but does not change the right-hand side of the message in the message. If you ask me if it does not make sense to me, we believe there are users who may be really helpful.

In addition, in addition to moving your applications and moving themes from your privacy, if you need to change it, in addition to the Mail app, you can follow the visual settings of Windows 10. For example, if you use the operating system, The email server must be automatically configured.

Now, we think, adding digital collection has received many mail messages, but this e-mail server yet to improve for more things.

For example, one of the problems I still experience is the icon showing unreadable badges. You use this feature to know that the mail application has unread messages in your inbox as you have often seen. This is a good tool and does not work just like it’s expected, and sometimes, if you have unread emails, there is a new address in the inbox that increases the space.

facebook messenger

With the completion of the visually handicapped, these little things Microsoft is focusing on, and so small things need to be done correctly.

The new dimming model will only be sent not only to Windows 10 users, but Windows 10, and as long as you are updating whether you are up-to-date in October 2018, as long as you run a support version of the operating system, I checked the updated apps in April 2018 and the dark The theme is there.


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