Facebook is launching a new AI tool that can be detected by close-up images and videos of someone who sends them free-of-charge. This system will be active on Facebook and Instagram, and unlike the current filters, it can detect “close-nude” content. This content is subsequently flagged and sent to a humanitarian for review.


Today users of Facebook and Instagram need to report such venomous posters. Facebook says that the victimized images and video footage will help victims of this new system.

It’s difficult to judge the efficiency of this system. Facebook has long been artificial intelligence over the issue of technical intelligence, regardless of its technical issues. It can remove the unwanted content of the automated system (such as propaganda of terrorism) and fight with context and videos to understand them.

It’s clear from Facebook’s announcement that its new AI tool identifies what the company calls “unsecured intimate images”. The Associated Press report said that the system would only ignore images. See also the title. If this caption contains “abusive or saddened text,” it might “upload someone who was uploaded to someone else’s embarrassment or taking revenge from someone else.”

facebook ai

However, this is not enough to capture all retaliation pornography scenes. We contacted Facebook for more details.

Facebook’s new AI filter announcement said it would launch a new site for a topic without my permission, improve its tools for reporting retribution posters and respond to such requests with greater speed in the future.

The company has said it will extend a more controversial program, allowing other countries to report an aversion to the immoral web site. This program allows users to send pictures and videos that Facebook can share with Facebook first. Thereafter, the website may be uploaded to the website.

With the expulsion of prominent terrorists, users can be upset about this process with more than automatic filters, but users like Facebook share such content with Facebook. The company has been in the midst of a number of scandals after being abused by users over the past few years. Facebook says it is necessary to know more about these criticisms and to better explain and explain the process and safeguards.


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