$150,000 Fine For a Person Who Designed a Cheat Tool for GTA Online


GTA or Grand Theft Auto is what we all know, and most of the favorite game series.

Also, since using the cheat code for every series related to this game series, it’s not a weird thing for us. But GTA V introduced GTA V to many who used multiplayer with the ability to use cheat codes in the game.

This is because Rockstar has been giving each and every player who has GTA Online around the world a similar experience, but other developers around the world made it a form of a cheat to use.

One of them is Jhonny Perez, who lives in Florida. They say that he had created a cheating tool for GTA Online and they say that they were losing a lot of money to buy Rockstar.

gta online cheat tool

For this reason, Take-Two Interactive, a parent company of Rockstar’s parent company, has sued this person and, according to the judgment, fined $ 150,000 and a further $ 66,000 in legal fees.

In this way, Perez contacted the Take-Two before a court case and they promised to give him the money obtained from the cheating tool, although they have failed to provide information about the money. It’s coming to know.

Rockstar Sports’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has found a lawsuit against the developer of GTA V Cheat “Elusive”. The Florida-based man was ordered to pay $ 150,000. According to the court, the chest was disgusted.

Over the past two years, there have been many violations of the accusations against fraudsters or cheaters.

The “Alsuwe” fraud was previously sold at $ 10 to $ 30, based on the package. Before the filing of the case, the Take-Two sought to uncover a large amount of money in the process, Perez failed to provide detailed financial reports.

Initially, a sports company was open to arriving at a settlement agreement, but there was no other option than to get a court sued because of not receiving the response. However, Peres did not respond to the complaint and called for two Facebook files as a factor in the abduction.

The Take-Two argued that this damage could happen because of fraudulent activities. As estimated by the company, the damage is at least $ 500,000. In addition, damage should also be a disincentive to orthopedic developers.

Not available for sales since last year by Perez by traction -2.

After discussing with Take-Two Interactive, we will immediately abort maintenance, development, and deployment of our fraudulent menu, “a public reading read out immediately.


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