What are the things to consider when choosing a Micro SD card?


Identify micro SD card types

Not all SD cards fit on any device. Due to various factors such as size, speed, capacity, etc., you need to choose the right chip for your camera or phone. There are several types of SD cards, but the most common ones are the MicroSD Card.

There have been three microSD cards so far, but another one since June 2018. We now have four types of microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, and micro SDHC on the market. They’re sequentially new technology, and none of them support old technology. That means that if your device is old, it probably won’t support microSDXC or micro SDHC.


microsd card

microSD is the oldest type. Its maximum capacity is about 2GB. MicroSDHC cards have 2GB to 32GB. Support devices (cameras, telephones) usually support microSDXC. The microSDXC cards have a capacity of 32GB to 1TB.

The newer micro SDHC cards have capacities as high as 128TB, but be careful when purchasing such a device, since the technology and devices that support such high capacity are minimal.

Find out the specifications of your device

Your camera or phone only supports a very limited number of microSD cards, so be aware of that. Until very recently, Point-To-Shoot cameras and DSLR cameras used a large SD card. They can use a microSD card with an adapter. That is, the adapter is a good solution to the size problem.

When applying for a microSD card the next step is to see if the device supports its technology. In the camera box, the user manual has microSD, micro SDHC, micro SDXC. Or you can google the model number and find it. The phone can also be accessed via the internet and most phones support microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC until 2019.


best microsd card for android

Next, find the maximum capacity that the device supports. For example, a Samsung A50 phone can only use 1TB. The Redmi Note 7 phone supports up to 256GB and cannot be used with higher cards.

What symbols are printed on the surface?

All the details of the microSD cards are printed on the surface. If you read those symbols correctly you will be able to choose the Card that suits you best.


MicroSD cards are numbered in a C-shaped circle. These are often seen as numbers 2, 6 and 10. This is the speed of the card. It is also known as Class.

The rounded 10 digit in class 10 or C shape is the minimum speed. 10 denotes 10 megabytes per second, and other numbers indicate the same speed. However, this speed is not the maximum speed, so a Class 6 or 6MBps card can have a maximum speed of Class 10.

32gb microsd card

Relative speed

You may have seen 8x, 16x on CDs. Generally, the maximum data transfer speed of a CD is 150KB / s. Using this microSD card, some microSD cards have been added to the CD.

100x means a speed of 150KB / s, which is 15MB / s.

UHS speed and Bus speed

MicroSD cards specially made for cameras, such as 4K, also feature UHS or Ultra High Speed. A number in the letter U indicates the card’s speed 10 times. That is, they have a continuous write speed of 10MB / s, which is represented by the letter U. Currently, there are only 1 and 3.

Bus Speed ​​is a UHS-I or UHS-II with a dash mark or just aimed at Rome. A UHS-I card has a maximum reading speed of 104MB / s. But Bus Speed ​​does not have the same speed as write speeds do not have the same speed. This is because the speed of the bus indicates the maximum speed and the number in the letter U indicates the minimum speed.

V value


micro sdcard speed

The V6, V60, and V90 values ​​on microSD cards also support video playback. The V6 offers write speed of 6MB / s, while the V90 offers a speed of 90MB / s.

A value

If you use apps from your phone’s SD card, selecting a card with an A number will be faster than normal. Here is the Application Performance Class. Note that these values ​​as A1 and A2 do not accelerate by the number, as we do not use the same symbols as above.

Writing to the card and reading it is the IOPS (Input / Output Operations per second) value. The A1’s random read speed is 1500IOPS and the random write speed is 500IOPS.

How to choose

how to choose a microsd card

You have to decide what you want to buy and what type of microSD card you use and what kind of device you have.

It is advisable to choose a microSDHC and a U1 or U3 as the RAW requires more space for the photographer. According to the World SD Card Conference, if you are getting 4K video, you should choose a card called U3 and HD Video Class (6 or 10). Video can be stored smoothly without the drawback of frames.

Class 4 or higher is adequate for normal use of the phone and if you are looking to run apps with a microSD card as there is no room on the phone then be aware of A’s.

How to Identify a Fake SD Card


fake microsd card

If you are buying cards online, choose from a well-known brand. Chinese products with no names or strange names may not be available for a long time and may lose all your data. Their read/write speeds are also slower, so data is moving more slowly.

Care should also be taken in selling the names of reputed companies at very low prices. Their capacities show up the same way after you chip the phone into the computer, but the actual value is very low. For example, 512GB maybe 8GB. As soon as you receive this chip in the mail, check with software like H2testw (Windows / Linux / Mac) or F3 (Linux / Mac). If it looks fraudulent, ask for a refund.

If you do these things correctly, you’ll be able to get the right microSD card for you.


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