Microsoft Windows Calculator under the Open Source License GitHub


Windows is one of the most used applications in Windows, and the source code of the Windows Calculator App has been uploaded to GitHub by Microsoft.

This is published under the MIT License and in addition to being available to anyone, the Open Source community will be able to add and add new features to Windows Calculator.

Microsoft has been included in this guide, and this is very useful for software developers around the world, using the ability to use this repository as a guide for creating a good quality Windows app.

You can suggest suggestions for any new features that might be referred to as Facebook’s HW, WWW WEB from Facebook, but you can propose any suggestion window, but calculator regularly reviews these proposals, however, we will If it does, the call releases a joke.

But, F does not need – You create this feature and it shows how the display shows the elements and specific products of the cross-section for a cross-section. We see how each branch functions and processes.

The Windows Calculator application is a modern Windows application pre-installed in C ++, which provides the translation standards, scientific and program calculator function as well as a set of interpreters across metrics and currencies.

The calculator regularly ships by correcting new features and errors. You can get the latest version of the Microsoft Store.

  1. Instantaneous performance standard rate calculators and immediately commands are evaluated to include them.
  2. The scientific calculator performs expedited operations and commands are issued in order of operation.
  3. Calculator function program that provides common mathematical operations for developers, including sharing on a common basis.
  4. History of history and memory.
  5. The difference in most unit surveys.
Conversion of money based on data derived from ibing


windows calculator github


What is this GitHub?

This GitHub is software developers that can help their project or source code store online. The GitHub also lets you work with a large source code uploader to improve and improve your bugs and improvements. A similar service is already taking place in Microsoft’s existing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services. But, of course, Microsoft seems to be getting closer to software developers around the world.

Through this purchase, the CNBC website says that Microsoft can develop software for their platforms to leverage developers and improve artificial intelligence.

More than 10 months ago, with the advent of Chris Wanstrath, founder and CEO of this company, Microsoft seems to want to run the company. It has been a long time since this interest lasted from the year 2016, as source notes and rumors. As you can recollect, the same company Xamarin was purchased by Microsoft in 2016.

However, Microsoft or GitHub has not officially commented on this yet. We’ll be able to find out more about this within the next few weeks. And this is the second time that Microsoft is trying to buy a GitHub. In any case, a lot of people say that this transaction has a strong tendency in the coming year.

Most open source community members were scared of Microsoft’s purchase of the GitHub in the past, but now Microsoft is able to open up about 6,000 patent patents in open source so as to protect it from punch threats. Has been done.


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