Millions of Web Sites Suddenly Disabled on 2nd Of July


On Monday night (July 2), millions of websites and web-related services all over the world suddenly went down. The reason for this was reportedly a crash in the Cloudflare service. Cloudflare has become one of the most popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) services among web designers and related services. This service is a service that provides users with the most up-to-date content on the web and web services, by placing the content on their servers. In addition, Cloudflare offers a wide range of services and services needed to provide SSL certificates, speed, and quality of websites. Cloudflare is one of the largest cloud-based services in the world with over 16 million internet properties.

The website, which usually provides information about these types of failures, has become paralyzed. Cloudflare has now officially announced that it has restarted its services after the crash, which ended with the failure of its popular services such as Discord, Shopify, Fiverr, Coinbase and others. 

They attribute this crash to the sudden increase in CPU usage on Cloudflare servers. They say that both the primary and secondary systems were affected 

by this situation and are currently investigating the underlying cause of the crash.


Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram crash on July 3rd

On July 3rd, there was a sudden Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram crash. It has been widely reported that images and videos are not being displayed properly when sharing images and videos, and in some areas, there are problems with sending messages via WhatsApp. The situation has been particularly severe in European countries, the US, South America, and Japan, but some users have reported that they can use the service without any problems. Various opinions have been circulated about this, and even rumors spread that there was a link between this and the Cloudflare crash on Monday (July 2). Many believe that the major update to Facebook is likely to have some impact on their Content Delivery Network (CDN) due to a default process. However, the company said in a Twitter message that everything has been restored.

Like other services that have been affected by this crash, the down detector website, which provides a live map of most site crashes, can provide information about areas and times when the services have been disabled.


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