You have also noticed that Fake News, propaganda or false propaganda is spreading rapidly across many of YouTube’s popular social media services.

Now, YouTube is now introducing a new facility to point users to the real story about this kind of fake news.

youtube feature facts

This is because they are suspicious about something in the search for YouTube on the information panel, and they have a short explanation and a link to find out more.

They further say that, in order to obtain information for this purpose, various types of trusted sources, or trusted sources, as well as Wikipedia-related information about the events are also being used.

However, this facility is still being tickled with a few user communities across India and will be available to all YouTube users in the near future.

The distressing problem is the spread of wrong information – ac. “False news” – on the platform. Facebook, Twitter, and other major social networking sites make changes between truth, translation, and visibility of the truth.

To help in this, when using terms tagged by Younes, a new authentication system was started when people searched and among them (through Firefox). For example, you can look at whether a drug is safe or not. It’s not known that there has been a link fake in that drug. In that person’s search results, information is given to the user who will provide useful information and a “window of information” will appear.

The user’s search term “The virus of the Paracetamol is explained to you by the following example, and it informs you of a veritable trap:

Most of these services work with Facebook, and they have a very similar accuracy This feature is currently openly endorsed by a limited number of users in India and, ultimately, this may be triggered elsewhere, but whenever possible, a Google announcement will not be issued. So it’s better to consider the wrong information quickly.

These boards show in a single television show the results of search results pages, and the results of incorrect information still appear. But this page will be queried. Apparently, the patent intends to expand this system.

This feature is currently a limited number of India’s lucrative communities, and the largest market in YouTube, which ranks over 250 million users, includes English and Hindi searches, and the company ultimately spreads it to users around the world, but the company says When is it?

This can help you minimize the amount of Fake News advertised through the tube.


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