Sharing Facebook messages affects corporate rulers


On Friday, the New York Times reported that it plans to provide infrastructure facilities under Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the whatssApps. As a result, these measures can give some weight to customers, but legislators, regulators, and security experts are beginning to ask whether they are more likely to be rewarded.

Facebook is the largest social media network and uses at least 2.50 billion users every day at least one service. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission first interfered with Facebook, deceiving users that the company believes their information is private, sometimes publishing content to them personally, and listening to their friend’s lists, posts and statuses common. But after over 70 acquisitions, Facebook has never taken any steps to block Facebook to seize Facebook.

Most of these acquisitions were US-based companies. Many of them were in close contact with the Facebook university. After the acquisition, the company’s products were often closed down, and former employees for Facebook were brought to work by Freuder. In some cases, the Silicon Valley has talent and often competing products.

“The acquisition by Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and Instagram should have had more control, and now it appears to be a horizontal collection that has led to the monopoly test.” The lawmaker, Rowan Cana (D-CA), which represents much silicon, said on Friday. “If Facebook is to compete with Instagram and WhatsApp, it’s likely that the world will be different, encouraging the true competitiveness that promotes privacy and benefits customers.”

Last year lawmakers and regulators focused mainly on Cambridge Analytica’s scandal. As a result, Facebook users used to hide over 87 million personal data from their personal data. Last year, the European Union’s data privacy policy was implemented as part of the largest data initiative of the European Union. But, Facebook has been fined for fines.

This year can be changed. Leaders of Congress have taken significant steps to control the technical giants and have begun to question the market power of companies like Facebook and Google. In September, New Senate Judge Sent Lindsey Graham (R-SC) compared Silicon Valley to digital and said it would like to hold more hearings on technology.

Blumenthal, a powerful judiciary committee member, told The Verge: “Google’s dominance over Facebook and data has already deprived consumers and the economy, and Federal Inquiry and the Justice Department must take seriously the aggressive Antisemitism of Big Tech.

If Facebook is noticed by the Federal Anti-Doping Rules, Instagram and WhatsApp may be their first two goals. By 2020, radio communications between Facebook’s top property will be complete. In the future, regulators will find it harder to tear them apart. The officers were no longer able to argue that their companies could not turn back.

In November, President Trap Axios said the federal government was investigating whether companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have violated the Intermediary Law. Traw’s rival head, McCree Delray, repeatedly stated that these anti-competitive issues were valid, but did not believe that there was sufficient economic evidence for punishment or sufficient breakdowns.

They could not argue for the Federal Reserve or the Justice Department to be as large as the Facebook site. As with the Sherman Act, proxy law firms are not called for break-ups because they are large and powerful. But if a government finds that if the Facebook users are trying to suppress the way Facebook’s customers harmed, a criminal crackdown can result in the Facebook collapse.

Open Trading Markets, as for Thursday’s changes and open market organization, reinstated the Free Apps and Instagram applications of Freetown of Texas as independent companies by the Federal Establishment. But it did not break the laws, but violated the rules of the Commission, in order to protect their Facebook account, “they said. As a result, these groups called for a violation of a treaty with a breakdown.

What about the integration of services by security service specialists will be able to weaken the final encryption from WhatsApp from the end. Now, WhatsApp is the only real messaging service that gives you the default encryption. In order to allow for cross-messaging, it is unclear whether the WhatsApp encryption could weaken the interoperability ability.


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