Microsoft Windows Asks Users to Stop Using Internet Explorer


With Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft will remember its old Internet Explorer web browser as the second-tier, making default Edge Browser the default browser.

But Internet Explorer is not just a web browser. Since the information system, which is still working in Internet Explorer, is used in business around the world, Microsoft has not been able to completely remove it from its operating system.

And now, while working on the newly introduced Edge Browser and moving to a new browser based on the Chromium project, the “Internet Explorer as your default browser” Microsoft has explored it.

Accordingly, Internet Explorer is no longer a new solution, but a new extension for the business community that is no longer up to date with the newer software.

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Most consumers use Chrome, FireFox, or Edge, and many businesses still depend on Internet Explorer for older, non-moderated web applications. Microsoft has tried many ways to push its old Web apps to drive. But IT administrators have made it easier to use Internet Explorer and its various compatibilities over the years. In Windows 10, information technology administrators need to add websites to use Web standards for older versions of the Internet, using the Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode.

Microsoft has now built a chrome-based version of the Ajax browser. In the next few weeks, tests can be obtained for tests. Windows 10 is available for Windows 7 on Windows 7. It will help businesses to move on the Internet online but will take a year to take old web applications that are actually missing.

In the past, Internet Explorer optimized for the simplicity of the technical debt expense. As you look at Internet Explorer 6, the concept of “Quality Mode” and “Quirks Mode” comes from the “This Easy Button” entry. All existing content will be received in incremental mode; You get the standards by adding specific DOCTYPE.

We did not identify the standard model models to comply with the standards of the Internet prior to higher standards, and when we did, we risked the destruction of apps written for a standard definition. So, with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) we added IE8 standards, but we kept Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) standards. It meant IE8 standards for sites in the Internet zone but defaults to IE7 standards for the local Internet sites.

When we introduced the Enterprise Model for Internet Explorer 11 in 2014, we decided to not include the wild card. All the websites you will need to add to “unscheduled loans” started in 2001 should be added. But today you will be busy even today if you work again. In fact, in 2001 you did not have many people.


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