Here are Some of The Latest Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Status


Whatsapp was first offered free to the play store, and then to Android, for a fee of about a hundred rupees a month. The rivalry between chat apps has made it different and the last thing you notice is the addition of a Snapchat-like status quo. Facebook’s main ac3, facebook messenger and WhatsApp, are now available for status. In this article, we will bring you some tips on how to view and put WhatsApp status.

Send one or more Status messages

There are two ways to restore the Whatsapp status. When you reach the Status tab, you can add a photo from a camera icon and a Status with a pencil-like button. You can also send a Status as a text message, just like this text. To create a Status, go to the Status tab and tap the three vertical dots in front of My Status. Then you will see all the Status you have added. They can be sent directly to friends using the Forward icon button, which has an arrow on the right side in front of them. Touch the ones you want to send, and select Forward. If you want to copy your own status as Text, from another app, tap the Copy button from the top three buttons on the top right when you tap the desired Status for a while.

whatsapp status
  • Font style

WhatsApp status can be used to customize the text as well as messages. Using bold, italics, etc., you have the opportunity to present what you have to say in a way that is appealing or eye-catching. Every type of font you can use in a message can be used here. You can do this by typing what you need and selecting the partition from the drop-down menu or by typing the words below.

  •            Eg;
    • Bold: Cover words with asterisks (*).
    • Italics: Insert _ (_) words in both directions.

To change the font in the Photo Status setting, use your finger on the Color Palette and swipe left. You can switch to different fonts, and you can add fonts on Android and swipe on the color palette instead of in the Edit mode. It has a white surface and black border fonts that are used in one style of memes.

Swipe and Zoom in Status viewing

Swipe can switch between other people’s statuses and respond. Instead of swiping from one to the right, swipe left to right so that when one person’s status is viewed, the status size is longer and the time to switch to the next person. Swipe left to right to review the previous person’s status. If you want to respond to a Status, swipe from bottom to top. You will get a reply box and you will receive a message with Status as a message. Swipe from top to bottom to cancel reply. Swipe up and down if you want to get out of it while watching Status.

If you want to zoom in and view a photo, you can change the zoom in Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as by pinch in / out on the Status (by hovering or moving your fingers as you like).

Switch between Status, Stop, and Mute

whatsapp status switch stop mute

When you split the screen with your left, you can move to the Status you viewed before, or the Status you viewed at the end of the previous one. By tapping on the right side of the screen, you can switch to the next Status instantly, until the end of time. If you want to watch a Status for a long time or stop a Status video, just press and hold the screen. Then the time expires and you have more time to look at the photo.

In this way, people switch while viewing Status, and if you want to stop someone from automatically switching to their Status without blocking, select the Mute from the Status tab by pressing and holding the desired person’s Status. Or, while viewing Status, select Mute from the three-dotted menu on the top right. Mute users are then shown in a separate section of the Status list, which you can view by simply tapping on them.

Show Status only to those who need it

Usually, WhatsApp standing is visible to everyone on your contact list. But, because Status is set to private, we can publish a standing position that only those we need. Before setting up, go to the standing tab and tap on the three vertical dots on the right side and choose Standing Privacy. You can choose who you want to hide, except for My Contacts. Only those selected with a single share.

Change the colors of emoji

You can also change the color of the text to change the color of the emoji on the phototype Status. Click the Emoji icon at the top of the screen and add the necessary emoji. Now you can change the color and select the desired color from the adjacent Color Palette.

As you can see here, phototype Status is more comfortable than the font type. So if you want to use these features without a photo, there is away. Select a photo for Status and select the desired color from the color palette that you get when you tap the pencil icon. Now hold your finger in the center of the screen. The entire photo will be colored and you can apply the text as you wish.

One more: set up a GIF

There is also a GIF creator of WhatsApp status. Select the video you want for Status. WhatsApp’s Status tab taps the button with the camera icon at the bottom right, and when the camera is open, the video button starts to pop up while the photo button continues to hold. Then, from the box to trim the video at the top, drag and drop the range (start and end) of the video into the GIF. It should last six seconds or less. Then select the new GIF button that appears below it and publishes it.


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