What is ChromeBook and Everything You Need To Know


If you are thinking of buying a laptop, you may have seen the Chromebook among the most commonly known notebooks. What could be the difference between them and the more frequently heard NoteBooks? I’ll tell you what Chromebook is, what works best for it, and what’s running Chrome OS.

What is a Chromebook?

what is chromebook

The main difference in a Chromebook than any other computer is that Chrome OS is the operating system. These computers are in the category of laptops and there are some desktops that have Chrome OS installed as well as desktops.

About ten years ago, the Netbook was popular. Then the tablet became popular. The wave of the world right now is Chromebook computers. This Chromebook is almost identical to the Netbook. Also, some models can be used as a tab as the laptop can rotate 360 ​​degrees with a touch screen. So there is nothing wrong with calling the Chromebook a mix of tablets and netbooks.

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From what you can see, Chromebook computers are limited to the Netbook because of the simplicity of its operating system.

Lightweight and simple Chrome OS    

chrome os

Chrome OS is an operating system built on the Linux kernel using C and C ++ computing languages. This operating system, created by Google, cannot be

downloaded and installed like Windows or Ubuntu. Its interface is based on the Chrome Web Browser.

It basically runs web applications that run on the Chrome browser. The operating system gets a File Manager and Media Player. Since Google opened the Google Play Store in ChromeOS in 2016, Android apps have been made available, and in 2018, the official Linux desktop software is now available.

chrome os download

The simplicity and ease of use make it possible for a computer to deliver much faster speeds. x86, x64, ARM, ARM64 processors are supported, so it can run on Intel as well as phone/tablet/ Qualcomm chips. ChromeOS running ChromeOS can connect to the TV through HDMI and turn it into a SmartTV.


Try Chromium OS before you buy a Chromebook                

If you tried to download the Google Chrome web browser through Software Center on Linux, you might have encountered the Chromium Browser with a blue icon. Chromium Browser is an open-source version of Google Chrome. So even the Microsoft Edge browser is now based on Chromium.

Chrome OS also has an open-source version. It’s called Chromium OS. Chrome OS is also built on Chromium OS. Chrome OS is not available for us to download directly, but it’s very similar to downloading and installing Chromium OS like a Linux distribution. Therefore, before you buy a Chromebook, it is wise to install and test it on your old computer.

chromium os

Unfortunately, ChromiumOS does not have the ability to run Android apps. As a solution, you can use VideOS, a distro built on Chromium OS. But it is also best suited for China because it has a built-in operating system for China. Its website is also in Chinese but the operating system can be installed in English. ChromX also has a Play Store but is limited to a 30 day Trial.

We do not recommend installing these for long-term use on the computer you use every day. It is best to install it on a Virtual Machine or use a Live USB to enjoy the Chromebook. This is not possible with Dual-boot since it is not a Windows or Linux distribution.

Who needs a Chromebook?

Even a Chromebook with a large RAM or a powerful CPU cannot run heavy software like Photoshop and 3Ds Max. But you can open up to 1000 Chrome tabs without fear, and make software like Android apps. That said, the Chromebook is not suitable for someone who does heavy work, such as photos, audio or video editing, 3D animation.

Chromebooks are basically playable software such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. This is best suited to a university visitor who is using only the project settings and the Internet. With the Play Store available, you can install Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint if needed. Some products come with a touch screen and Stylus, so a simple graphic designer like Cartoon or even a graphic artist can use a Chromebook with Android apps. Once the Linux apps are enabled, it is compatible with anyone who is coding and can install Android Studio and Visual Studio.

using chromebook

 In the online market, these products cost Rs. Starting at 50,000. A better processor, more RAM, touch screens, and a stylus are all a bit expensive. The best advantage is that when you buy a notebook with a touch screen, you can save Rs. 100,000, but it is available for about 70,000 from a Chromebook.

Another way to save money is to buy a good Android tab and buy a hardware keyboard (and a mouse if needed) separately. Then an Android-powered laptop can be made with a touch screen for less than a Chromebook. But the problem is that if you are a frequent type of Sinhala Unicode, it is of no use. The reason is that Android does not yet have a type of hardware keyboard in Sinhala.


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